A Couple of Talks on Elm in Production

I’ve been looking for stories from companies that are using Elm to build production apps. So far I managed to find only these two talks:

  • The most recent Elm in Production talk by Richard Feldman at Devoxx US conference, published on Apr 19, 2017. Richard talks about NoRedInk experience with Elm. Since 2015 Elm has become the primary technology at NoRedInk for building their web app’s UI. Also, at NoRedInk they found that the front-end built in Elm scales easier than their previous one built in React.
  • Elm in Production: Surprises & Pain Points talk by Kevin Yank at Melbourne Elm hack night. Kevin shares three surprises and three pain points from the experience of one product team at Culture Amp that has been building one of its new UIs in Elm.

I was expecting to find more stories and case studies like that. If you know other talks like that, could you please post a link in the comments?

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