Tips for Improving Code Review Efficiency

I spend an hour or two a day reviewing my team-mates’ code. Even though code reviews help our team to produce quality code and share knowledge, spending that much time on code review every day sounds like a lot to me. I’d like our code reviews to be more efficient and less time-consuming.

First of all I decided to check what other developers recommend. I found these articles particularly helpful:

The articles complement each other nicely. There is not much overlap between them: some focus more on the review process steps, others on what should reviewers pay attention too. In general they recommend to:

  • Prioritise the goals of code review with the team, i.e. learning from each other and spreading knowledge. Create a checklist for code authors and code reviewers.
  • Spend less time on reviewing code formatting, naming, and style. Use automated tools for checking coding style instead,
  • Spend more time reviewing code for potential defects, maintainability, and the use of design best practices.

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