Functional Programming Exercises in Elm

Another small collection of links to free resources for learning Elm. These resources focus on learning Elm as a programming language and practicing functional programming by solving problems and doing exercises.

  1. Ninety-nine Problems, Solved in Elm — an adaptation of Ninety-Nine Haskell Problems to Elm made by John Crane. These exercises were designed to teach functional programming idioms. They can be done in Elm online editor and don’t require Elm to be installed.
  2. Elm track on Exercism — 30 exercises from very basic to pretty complex to help you learn Elm as a programming language. To do these exercise you’ll need to install Elm and exercism client on your computer.
  3. Elm Koans — a path of 20 exercises by Robert Looby to build up your knowledge of Elm. You’ll need to install Elm and clone the repo.

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