Free E-Books On Code Review

This is part two of the series on improving code review culture in my team. Earlier I mentioned that I had spent some time looking to for recommendations from other developers.

Here are two free e-books on code reviews that I’d like to recommend.

  • What to Look for in a Code Review by Trisha Gee from JetBrains is available for free on Leanpub. This short book is a compilation of blog posts available on the Upsource blog. Upsource is a code review tool by JetBrains. The book focuses mostly on reviewing Java code in enterprise applications. Although, many recommendations can be applied to code in other languages.
  • Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review by SmartBear, the company behind another code review tool — Collaborator. This book discusses several studies of code review process and provides recommendations based on their results. In addition to that, the authors talk about social effects of code review, questions for review process, measurements and improvements to the process. The book is a bit dated. It was written a few years ago, when agile practices and code reviews were less popular than these days.

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