Five Free Tutorials on Building Apps in Elm

I don’t have enough experience with Elm yet to confidently write tutorials myself. Instead, I’d like to share the links to the tutorials on building applications in Elm that I either have tried so far or the ones I’m planning to complete as soon as possible. I hope you’ll find them useful.

  1. An Introduction to Elm — official in-depth guide into Elm.
  2. Elm Tutorial by Sebastian Porto who is also the organiser of Melbourne Elm Meetup.
  3. Tutorial on building Single-Page Web Apps in Elm in five parts by Kevin Greene.
  4. Build an Instagram Clone in Elm and Building a Facebook-like Comment Box: A React Tutorial in Elm by Rudolf Olah.
  5. Creating Your First Elm App: From Authentication to Calling an API — an Elm app that calls an API to retrieve random Chuck Norris quotes by Auth0.

I’ll post more links to resources on Elm later. I’d like to group learning resources by their type in a series of posts: screencasts and video tutorials in one post, tutorials on Elm as a functional programming language in another, conference and meetup talks in the third one, etc.

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