Tips from an interviewer on how to explore the problem, design a solution, and communicate your approach.

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How to Pass the System Design Interview


How not to fail spectacularly at your next job interview

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How to prepare for an interview, avoid common mistakes, and successfully demonstrate your technical and soft skills

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1. Be Concise When Answering Questions

Engineering Management

How to help your new team start performing sooner

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1. Forming Stage

Engineering Management

Developer-friendly practices to keep the business and the engineers happy

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Use pair programming, code reviews, feedback, and meetings efficiently to grow faster into your next role

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Engineering Management

A brief guide for pragmatic software engineering managers

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Engineering Management

Simple things most managers can do to build a cohesive team of software engineers

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Setting Team Goals

Engineering Management

Free up time for critical tasks and coach future leaders by strategically delegating responsibilities

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How my software development team has taken meetings, communications, and unplanned work under control

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Andrei Gridnev

Software engineer, manager since 2002. Engineering management, leadership, software architecture, high-performing teams, professional growth.

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